Basic Chi Breath Meditation


Sit or stand comfortably.

Connect the tongue to the roof of the mouth in the area just behind the top front teeth.

Eyelids may be closed or slightly open with the eyes softly focused at a 45 degree angle.


Begin by gently focusing the breath down at the lower abdomen.

Place the hands palm over palm over the area.

Feel the abdomen gently expanding with the inhale and relaxing back with the exhale.

Listen to the rhythm of breath as if listening to the rhythm of gentle ocean waves washing on the shore.

With each breath, allow the body to naturally relax.

With each breath allow the mind to naturally sink into quiet stillness.

Continue for as long as you like and enjoy.

When complete, make sure you return to normal waking consciousness before continuing daily activities.

This meditation should not be done while driving or when activities involving full waking attention is required.