Therapeutic Massage

SHIATSU involves rhythmic pressure point application along traditional energy meridian lines. Shiatsu encourages the harmonious flow of healing life force throughout the body.

SWEDISH MASSAGE calms the nerves and aids circulation. Smooth gliding massage strokes using skin-enriching oil characterizes this profoundly relaxing modality.

ACUPRESSURE uses light touch applied mindfully to acupoints in formulated sequences specific to the needs of individual recipients.

REFLEXOLOGY utilizes pressure applied to specific areas on the feet to invite a healing response in corresponding areas of the body. Each session begins with a soothing foot bath.

RAINDROP TECHNIQUE involves the use of pure aromatherapy essential oils applied to areas along the spine to relieve back tension and encourage muscular relaxation.

INTEGRATED MASSAGE artfully combines a number of the preceding modalities to create a unique healing treatment designed to meet clients’ specific needs and concerns.

HOT STONE MASSAGE utilizes heated basalt stones laid out in patterns on the body. Massage and aromatherapy greatly enhance this deeply relaxing treatment.

CHI NEI TSANG invites profound healing to the vital organs of the body through deep abdominal work. Powerful internal shifts often occur as a result.

Siddha Vaidya Treatments

ADRENAL BATH is an excellent protocol for managing stress and burnout. A dam of dough is formed over the adrenals. Hot herbal oil is poured into the dam and continuously kept at a warm temperature. The adrenals are nourished by the deeply penetrating warmth.

THYROID BATH utilizes warm herbal oil poured into a dam of dough constructed over the throat. Nourishing the thyroid revitalizes the body and counteracts the effects of stress.

SIDDHA MASSAGE uses heated herbal oil applied with rapid open palm strokes to invigorate the body and improve circulation.

KAYA REJUVENATION utilzes herbal pouches dipped in hot oil infused with herbs. The pouches are rapidly whisked over the entire body to invite a profound re-energizing effect to both the body and the mind. 24-hours of rest and good nutrition are required immediately after receiving a Kaya Rejuvenation treatment.

  • One hour Treatments
    Swedish Massage
    Integrated Massage
    Siddha Massage
    Chi Nei Tsang
  • One hour and 15 min Treatments
    Kaya Rejuvenation
    Adrenal Bath
    Thyroid Bath
  • All other One hour and 15 min Treatments including Hot Stone
  • Raindrop Technique