Dear Crestone Healing Arts Center:

To describe my experience here is somewhat comparable to describing how the sun and moon came to manifest in existence. It is almost impossible in that attempting to describe my experience here I am left speechless; no matter how fulfilling words may be, no amount of words even come close to sufficient l describing the nature of my amazing journey here.  You may think you have signed up for a three month program, but it is not… there is no time here; it does not exist- well, not in the way you have experienced it up until now. If you are blessed enough to enter into this inter-dimensional spaceship ride, hold on tight because you will soon learn that time is not linear, as you may have known it before. You will create a new relationship with time, as it will fold, collapse, expand, and surprise you in ways you never imagined.  During my time here, I have learn to let go of ‘me’. I have learned to ‘take a vacation from my small self’, because ‘I am not that important.’ In stepping aside, I have formed an entirely new relationship with my heart, truly and deeply learning that the heart is the one divine teacher one should always truly know. I knew that the moment I walked in the doors, that this experience would change my entire life.

Although I did not know what I was truly getting myself into at the time, I suddenly felt a sense of urgency to truly listen to my heart- I could not go on ignoring this precious being that kept my vessel alive and breathing- and I knew that this was the perfect place in which I would learn to do so impeccably and graciously. Here at CHAC, I have truly learned what it means to blossom, to entirely open oneself to the infinite potential within. Here, I have come to truly understand the term ‘lighthearted’ and have developed a deep sense of fulfillment. I have developed an understanding of what it really means to be true to oneself, to honor oneself, and the grace in keeping commitments. I have formed a beautiful relationship with the grace in being on time, the grace in deeply loving myself, and the lifelong journey of surrender. If you have arrived with fears, expectations, or uncertainties, I hope that these fall away as quickly as the blink of an eye, as they did for me. I hope that when you are asked to dance with darkness, do not shy away, but rather ecstatically dance with it, because it can be one of the greatest happenings in your life. I hope that you let go of control, and learn to ‘cultivate the giggle moments’, of which appear often.  I hope that you release your inhibitions and jump into the healing waters of the creek, just once, so that you may truly receive her healing ripples. I hope that you walk with grace, dignity, and pure intentions on your mediation walks every morning, experiencing the glory in every footstep. I hope that the sun shines on your being, illuminating gratitude. I hope that you are reminded that every breath is a prayer in motion, so as to cultivate pure awareness to the very force that gifts your life. I hope that you allow yourself to cry as much as you need to- refrain from holding back the tears because we must water the radiant garden in which our heart resides to know growth. I hope that you smile at how far you’ve come, and how far you are going to go. I hope that you smile at the infinite potential that lies within, becoming consciously aware of the true blessing you are to this world. I hope that you experience expansion in every sense of the word. I hope that you are inspired by not only your teachers and your peers, but by your own blossoming being. I hope that you stand barefoot in the wild, rushing creek, your heart lifted, palms to the sky, and bask in the beauty of this extraordinary opportunity, this extraordinary life. Last but not least, I hope that you blossom as a lotus flower amidst muddy surroundings and allow yourself to receive your own healing- you are more powerful than you think.

I cannot express enough gratitude for Dan and Sue and the endless unconditional love and effort they put into this amazing school. I am deeply, deeply grateful for the wholehearted dedication they each put into allowing this experience to even exist. I am not quite sure how they do it… but they do. The time and unconditional love they share with the students each and every day amazes and inspires me beyond comprehension. Although words will never be able to accurately express my gratitude, thank you Dan and Sue from the core of my heart. Thank you so much for providing a space and facilitating teachings in which have allowed me to begin my experience in the return to remembrance… an experience that has taught me to genuinely love at all costs. I am a completely different person- I am lighter, brighter, humbled, more aware, present, alive, in a state a bliss more so than I have ever felt before.

Dan knows more than he lets on, and you would do yourself a favor to shut up, let go, and really, truly listen- with open ears and more importantly, an open heart.  I am so happy for you, my dear friend, that you are blessed with this opportunity. Be prepared to have your entire Universe turned upside down- it is a wild ride, but well worth it. Hold on tight, trust, and stay in your heart.

Blessings to you,

Sat Nam

P.S. Don’t leave until it’s time to go home.